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Consent to use new components at Kollsnes

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted Gassco AS consent to commence operation of new components of the gas plant at Kollsnes (photo). These components will be used in connection with processing of rich gas from Kvitebjørn.

Gassco has built an NGL plant to treat the Kvitebjørn gas. This will make it possible to extract larger quantities of propane, butane and naphtha (NGL) from the Kvitebjørn gas than would have been possible with a normal dew point facility.

The capacity of the NGL plant will be 26 MSm3 per day, so that the total treatment capacity at Kollsnes will be 146 MSm3 per day.

In addition, the glycol system (MEG) at Kollsnes has also been modified and is now split into two parts: one that supplies the Kollsnes land facility and one that supplies Troll A and the wet gas pipelines.

Production start-up is scheduled for 1 October 2004. Statoil is the technical service provider for Gassco and is responsible for daily operation of the plant.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss