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Consent to use Ocean Vanguard on Glitne

Statoil ASA (Statoil) has received consent to use the mobile facility Ocean Vanguard for production drilling on the Glitne field.

lokasjon GlitneThe Glitne oil field is located in the southern North Sea approx. 230 km west of Stavanger (see map) and 1.4 km north of Sleipner.

Link: About Glitne (NPD's fact pages)

The consent relates to drilling and completion of well 15/5-A-7 H, which will become an oil producer. Statoil expects the well to result in improved recovery and increased lifetime for the field.

Drilling the well is expected to take approx. 35 days, plus 21 days for completion. The drilling activity will commence as soon as the Ocean Vanguard has completed drilling of a production well on the Åsgard field (link).

The Ocean Vanguard is a semi-submersible drilling facility operated by Diamond Offshore Netherlands BV, which has an operations office in Stavanger. The facility received an (AoC) in July 2004.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss