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Consent to use of the "Visund Gass Prosjekt" facilities

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has given Statoil ASA a consent to put the "Visund Gass Prosjekt" plants (the VGP plants) on the Visund facility into use.

Visund (source: Statoil)The Visund facility (photo) was originally built to produce oil from the Visund reservoirs, as well as having space allocated for future gas export equipment.

The reservoir pressure is taken care of through injecting gas and produced water. The gas reserves are to be produced as associated gas in the first phase and as depletion in the final phase.

The VGP plants consist of a compressor module and a gas export module. Necessary modification work on the existing system has been carried out. In addition, a new riser has been installed for gas export, and the accommodation quarters have been expanded with 12 new cabins.

The gas export will take place from the Visund facility in a 38-km long pipeline, connected to Kvitebjørn T from the rich gas pipeline to Kollsnes.

The PSA has given its consent under the condition that Statoil submits a written confirmation that the emergency and control systems have been tested and found in order before the processing plant on the facility is taken into use.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss