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Consent to use Polar Pioneer on Troll

Consent: StatoilHydro ASA has been granted consent to use the mobile facility Polar Pioneer on the Troll field.

The consent covers plugging, sidetrack drilling and completion of well 31/5-I-21 on the Troll field in the North Sea, production licence 085.

 Location of the Troll field

Location of the Troll field

According to the plan, the operation on the Troll field will start as soon as Polar Pioneer has finished its stay at the yard at Hanøytangen where it has been subject to a five-year classification and various modifications. 

The planned start on Troll is in July 2009, and the operation has an estimated duration of 135 days.

The planned position for the facility during operations on well 31/5-I-21H is:

N 60° 43’ 42.828”, E 03° 34’ 39.644”E. The water depth at the site is 315 metres.

Polar Pioneer is a Sonat/Hitachi-designed, semi-submersible drilling facility built in 1985. The facility is owned and operated by Transocean Offshore.

The facility was subject to main classification at Westcon in Ølen in the autumn of 2004.

Upgrades were carried out during the stay at the yard to bring the facility in compliance with Statoil's (now StatoilHydro's) technical requirements for operations on the Snøhvit field.

Polar Pioneer received the PSA's Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in May 2006 (link).

Subsequently the facility has drilled production wells on Snøhvit and several exploration wells for Statoil, Hydro and Eni in the Barents Sea.