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Consent to use Statfjord A beyond its original lifetime

StatoilHydro has been granted consent to use the Statfjord A facility (SFA) beyond the originally expected lifespan. The consent concerns the use of the facility up to 2028.

Background for the application for consent
According to the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO), the originally expected lifespan for Statfjord A expires in 2007.

Statfjord A (source: Scanpix)

Statfjord A

Consent decision
Amongst other factors, our consent has been granted on the basis of the documentation submitted in connection with the application for consent and after several meetings with the company.

The consent has been granted on the following conditions:

  • By 1 June 2008, StatoilHydro must provide an overview of the status for compliance with the regulatory requirements regarding the working environment on Statfjord A. As a basis for this status, the company must submit an assessment of the exposure and risks related to working environment factors individually and together. Moreover, the effect of ongoing and planned changes in the organisation and tasks on working environment conditions must also be taken into account, as must changes in the potential for incorrect actions that might lead to serious incidents. On the basis of this assessment, a time schedule for risk reduction must be prepared.
  • It emerges from the application that when it comes to future drilling operations, drilling activities will continue on SFA until the beginning of 2009. No further drilling activities have been planned after this. However, this will be assessed on a continuous basis. If drilling activities are to be carried out after the time specified in the application, an assessment must be prepared in good time of the drilling facility’s suitability with regard to compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss