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Consent to use the new subsea loading system on the Draugen field

Norske Shell has been granted consent to use the new subsea loading system for crude oil on the Draugen field.

Installation and commissioning of the new subsea loading system is planned during the fourth quarter of 2012.

During commissioning of the new system, the existing loading buoy (FLP) will be in operation to maintain oil production on Draugen and to ensure that start-up of the new system is implemented in a safe manne



The Draugen field is located in the Norwegian Sea at a water depth of 250 metres. The field was discovered in 1984 and production started in October 1993. The field is developed with a concrete facility resting on the seabed with integrated topsides. Stabilized oil is stored in tanks at the bottom of the facility. Two pipelines run from the facility to a floating loading buoy. 

Letter to Norske Shell (In Norwegian)

Journal 2012/1129