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Consent to use Transocean Searcher on Åsgard

Consent: StatoilHydro has received consent for continued use of the mobile facility Transocean Searcher for drilling and completion of well 6507/11-V-1H on the Åsgard field.

Transocean Searcher (see photo) has conducted drilling, completion and intervention operations on Åsgard since April 2004.

Transocean Searcher 

The new consent is an extension of the last consent granted in November 2006, which is valid until 5 October 2008.

Transocean Searcher (formerly Ross Isle) is a Bingo 3000 design built in 1983.

The facility, which after modification has been specially designed to complete subsea wells, is constructed to operate in the North Sea on a year-round basis at water depths from 60 m to 450 m.

Transocean Searcher is owned by Transocean Offshore. It received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in December 2003.