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Consultation regarding amendments to current regulations

Proposed amenments to the current facilities regulations, activities regulations, information duty regulations and the temporary regulations relating to certain petroleum facilities on land are hereby submitted for consultation.

The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) are proposing certain amendments to the following regulations with appurtenant guidelines:

  • Regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities etc. in the petroleum activities (the facilities regulations),
  • Regulations relating to conduct of activities in the petroleum activities (the activities regulations),
  • Regulations relating to material and information in the petroleum activities (the information duty regulations),
  •  Temporary regulations relating to safety and working environment for certain petroleum facilities on land and associated pipeline systems (the temporary regulations),
  •  Guidelines to regulations relating to management in the petroleum activities (the management regulations).

Some of the proposed amendments have been subject to consultation previously as part of the draft joint HSE regulations for petroleum activities offshore and at land facilities. This relates to the proposals regarding the SFT's sphere of authority and some of the proposals regarding the PSA's sphere of authority. Read more about this in the consultation letter.

The consultation letter and the proposed amendments to the regulations and guidelines are available in Norwegian only (link).

The consultation period is three months from the date of the letter, so the deadline for comments is 11 June 2009.

Comments should preferably be sent electronically to postboks@ptil.no.

Contacts in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway: