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Empowerment or impotence? Conference on facilitating employee participation

How is employee participation handled in the petroleum industry? And what challenges do we face in the future? These questions will be raised at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA’s) conference on employee participation, Wednesday 2 September 2009.

Employee participation is a key part of the foundation in the work to establish and further develop high HSE levels in the industry. It is important that the one exposed to the risk, also is allowed to participate in processes which impact HSE.

Different practices
Requirements for employee participation are established by law, through the Working Environment Act, the Petroleum Act and Regulations relating to health, safety and environment in the petroleum activity regulations (The Framework Regulations, Section 6).

However, employee participation is handled differently throughout the petroleum industry.

Technological development and changes in the organisation of the operations can also present new challenges regarding employee participation, both in regards to contents and how the participation is carried out.

Various approaches
During the 2 September conference, employee participation will be looked from a number of angles:

Employee organisations will give their contributions, as will representatives for the employers and the PSA. There will also be a presentation on education in this topic, and a look at the importance of employee participation in working life in the future.

The purpose of the conference is to bring experiences and challenges to light, as well as good ideas and best practice which may form the basis for further development.

The conference is open to all, including managers, safety delegate service and employee representatives. Lectures will be given in Norwegian.

An agenda and registration form will be available on the PSA’s web site at the beginning of August.

PSA contact:
Åse Ohrstrand Larsen
E-mail: Ase.Larsen@ptil.no