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Ensuring well integrity in connection with CO2 injection

SINTEF petroleum research (SINTEF) has on contract for the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) prepared a report on the safeguarding of well integrity in connection with CO2 injection. The report can be downloaded from our website.

The biggest risks from CO2 storage will be from leakage from poor quality or aging injection wells, leakage from abandoned wells and from inadequate monitoring that could have been used for early intervention.

In view of this, the report covers degradation processes due to CO2, standards on the maintenance of the integrity of wells in the petroleum industry, well abandonment regulations, monitoring approaches currently used by the petroleum industry for early detection of leakage, remediation options that could be used to manage leaking wells and a brief discussion of the safety aspect of CO2 wells.

According to our evaluation, the industry must continue to work on issues in connection with well integrity and CO2 injection. Some of the challenges are described in chapter nine of the report (Further work).

Contact person in the PSA
Stein A. Tonning
E-mail: stein-a.tonning@ptil.no