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Exemption from Facilities Regulations - Veslefrikk B

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has now granted Statoil an extended temporary exemption from Section 43 of the Facilities Regulations (Means of evacuation) on Veslefrikk B. Under certain conditions, manning may be increased from 85 to 116 persons.

The skid-launched lifeboats on Veslefrikk B were damaged during a drop test on 21 June this year.

After production was shut down, the PSA received and processed an application for exemption for start-up of production.

On 24 June, Statoil received permission to resume production until 31 August, based on compensatory measures such as reduced manning, limiting general activities and weather restrictions.

The PSA has now extended the temporary exemption until 31 October 2005, and will allow an increase in manning up to 116 persons.The extension is based on Statoil having implemented additional compensatory measures to ensure prudent operations until the skid-launched lifeboats are once again in place.These measures include review and update of the emergency preparedness plan, restriction of activities on board and implementation of drills that reflect the new situation.

According to Statoil, the skid-launched lifeboats will be operative in October 2005.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Inger Anda
Press spokesperson
Telephone: +47 970 54 064