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Exhaust cleaning - new administrative standard for NO2

A new administrative standard has been set for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The standard entails a lowering from 2 ppm to 0.6 ppm as the average during the course of an 8-hour working day. The reason for the change is new knowledge about health effects. For offshore petroleum facilities (12-hour working day), the applicable standard will be 0.36 ppm.

NO2 can occur in the petroleum activities e.g. as a component of exhaust, particularly from fuel gas and diesel turbines, generators and other diesel-powered machinery, and in connection with welding. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is aware that exhaust pollution can be a problem on some offshore facilities.

In light of the stricter standard, the enterprises in the industry may need to identify circumstances where NO2 may occur and evaluate the risk of exposure.

Contact in the PSA:
Senior Engineer Hilde Nielsen

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Ole-Johan Faret
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