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Facts about the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway was established 1 January 2004 as an independent regulatory body under the Ministry of Labour and Government Administration. The authority is situated in Stavanger, in the same office building as the NPD, and will have a staff of about 155.

  • Visiting address:
    Professor Olav Hanssens vei 10
  • Postal address:
    P.O. Box 599, 4003 Stavanger, Norway
  • Telephone: +47 51 87 60 50
  • Fax: + 47 51 87 60 80
  • E-mail: postboks@ptil.no
  • Website: inger.anda@ptil.no

Main objective
The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway shall stipulate premises and follow up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain high standards of health, environment, safety and emergency preparedness, and thereby also contribute to creating the greatest possible values for society.

The new Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) was established 1 January 2004 as a consequence of the Storting process surrounding the Storting White Paper No.17 (2002-2003) on State supervision bodies.

The PSA have the regulatory responsibility for safety, emergency preparedness and the working environment in the petroleum activities. This responsibility was transferred from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) 1 January 2004.

With the establishment of the PSA, regulations relating to health, safety and environment (HSE) in the petroleum activities continus with the PSA as the responsible authority.

In addition, the PSA's sphere of responsibility is expanded to include supervision of safety, emergency preparedness and the working environment at the petroleum facilities and connected pipeline systems at Kårstø, Kollsnes, Stura, Tjeldbergodden, Mongstad, Melkøya and Slagentangen, as well as potential future integrated petroleum facilities.

The responsibility for issuing regulations and carrying out supervision of the land facilities has been transferred from the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority 1 January 2004.

New, temporary regulations relating to HSE for certain petroleum facilities on land and connected pipeline systems has been entered into force 1 January 2004.

The PSA will carry out information and advisory activities vis-à-vis the players in the petroleum industry, cooperate with other HSE authorities both nationally and internationally, and contribute to sharing and promoting knowledge concerning HSE in the society at large.

By means of its own supervision and cooperation with other authorities with independent regulatory responsibility in the HSE field, the PSA shall ensure that the supervision of the petroleum activities are carried out in a comprehensive manner.

The PSA will have a temporary organizational structure during the first half of 2004. The new organisation will be in place by 1 July 2004. Newly appointed director is Magne Ognedal.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has been delegated authority pursuant to:

  • Act of 29 November 1996 No. 72 relating to petroleum activities
  • Act of 4 February 1977 No. 4 relating to worker protection and working environment, etc.
  • Act of 24 May 1929 No. 4 relating to supervision of electrical facilities and electrical equipment
  • Act of 14 June 2002 No. 20 relating to protection against fire, explosion and accidents involving hazardous substances and to the rescue responsibilities of the fire department
  • Act of 9 March 1973 No. 14 relating to prevention of harmful effects of tobacco
  • Act of 17 July 1925 No. 11 relating to Svalbard