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HES survey among 18,000 offshore employees

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate started a questionnaire survey of more than 18,000 employees offshore on 8 December. The purpose of the survey is to find out how the employees see the HES conditions offshore. The survey is part of the project "Trends in risk level on the Norwegian shelf".

The questionnaire survey is available both in English and in Norwegian.

Everyone travelling offshore during the period 8 December 2003 to 18 January 2004 will be given a questionnaire when checking in at the heliport. The NPD encourages everyone to fill in the questionnaire in the course of their time offshore, since a high reply rate will make the results more reliable.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate started the project "Trends in risk level on the Norwegian shelf" in 1999/2000, and the results are presented in annual reports. The goal of the project is to develop and apply measuring tools that demonstrate the trends in risk level on the Norwegian shelf.

The project is conducted in close cooperation with the Safety Forum, which is the key arena for cooperation between the industry's employer and employee organisations and the authorities concerning offshore HES.

The purpose of the project is to trace trends in HES conditions over time, and then to use this as a basis for implementation of measures which can rectify any unfortunate trends and generally contribute to improving HES in our industry.

The project follows trends in risk level by employing various methods such as incident indicators, barrier data, interviews with key informants, work seminars and, every second year, a major questionnaire. The first questionnaire survey was presented in the report "Trends in risk level – Phase 2 (2001)

About this year's survey
Everyone travelling offshore in the course of the next six weeks will be given a questionnaire when they check in at the heliport. We hope that as many as possible will take this opportunity to describe how they see HES conditions.

The questionnaire is a follow-up of a corresponding questionnaire issued in 2001, and thus it will be possible to compare the results. The industry has implemented a number of measures over the last few years, and it will be very interesting to see what effect these measures have had on the employees' experience of HES conditions on the shelf.

The questionnaire concerns the HES work offshore and takes up issues such as:

  • Safety and emergency preparedness

  • The working environment

  • Leisure time on the installation

  • The helicopter flight

  • Health

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and TNS Gallup are handling the practical implementation of the survey.

The survey is supported by OFS, DSO, Lederne, Nopef, LO-Industri, TBL, the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and OLF.

The results of the current survey will be published on 23 April 2004.

Contact person in the NPD:
Øyvind Lauridsen

PS: Companies may order standard packages where their own data from the survey is compared to other relevant groups and showing the changes in replies from 2001 to 2003. The standard packages will be available at the same time as the overall results of the survey are published.