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HSE award presented to Torgeir Moan

Press release
The 2006 award for health, safety and the environment from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and ONS was presented to Torgeir Moan during a HSE lunch in Stavanger on Thursday 24 August.

Prof Moan is based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has worked to reduce major accident risks for many years. He is the first person to receive the new award.

Regarded as a national and international capacity in his field, he has contributed to and exercised great influence over the design of safer structures on the Norwegian continental shelf and elsewhere in the world.

Torgeir Moan

The parliamentary secretary, mr Jan-Erik Støstad (to the right),
handing the PSA Award prize to mr. Torgeir Moan.

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"Prof Moan won considerable recognition for his valuable technical recommendations on fatigue and stability following the public inquiry into the Alexander L Kielland disaster in 1980," observed Magne Ognedal, director-general of the PSA, at the award ceremony.

"This work helped to prevent similar disasters both in Norway and elsewhere, and he has also contributed to incorporating load and resistance factor design principles into international standards for evaluating structural safety."

"We probably all agree that it is important to achieve HSE excellence in the oil and gas industry," Mr Ognedal emphasised in his remarks.

"That's because the impact of undesirable incidents not only affects the lives of those who work offshore and their families, but also hits productivity and the economy."

He noted the paradox that HSE failures often hit the headlines, while successes which control risk and allow people to return home safely from their work, frequently went unrecognised.

"In cooperation with the ONS Foundation, we've accordingly instituted an award to reward excellence in the field of worker safety and HSE standards," Mr Ognedal explained.

That also enhanced the sustainability of Norway's crucial petroleum industry, he added, and pointed to the PSA's vital role in setting HSE standards in the petroleum industry.

"To achieve the required standards, we're dependent on innovative initiatives by people, companies, other regulatory authorities, institutions and organisations."