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HSE model presented to new companies

On 15 May, the oil industry and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) joined forces to inform the new companies about the HSE standards that must apply on the Norwegian shelf. All the presentations from the seminar can be downloaded.

Since 2000, there has been a significant increase in the number of companies operating on the Norwegian Shelf. In 2007 there were 57 licensees and 37 operators registered in Norway.

"Dealing with this kind of diversity, which ranges from the dominant StatoilHydro to companies that are either completely new or have very little experience from the shelf, is a challenge for the supervisory authority. Our experience is that the new companies may underestimate the need for technical and operational expertise and capacity, and not quite recognise just how complex it is to go from being a licensee to being an operator," says the PSA's Director for Supervisory Activities, Anne Vatten.

Some of the new companies are backed by broad-based international parent organisations, while others are new to the industry and are starting their activities with little experience and tradition to build on.

The Norwegian HSE model and regulations was presented at the seminar (links to all presentations to the right).

New report
Results from a PSA survey of the player picture on the Norwegian continental shelf over the next five years were presented at the seminar.