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ID cards at construction sites

New regulations on identity cards in the building and construction industry came into force on 1 January. ID cards have been introduced to provide more efficient control of the employees’ health, safety and working environment.

Information in Polish - Identyfikatory w branzy budowlanjej

It is the duty of the employer (or the sole proprietorship) to provide their employees at construction sites with ID cards.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) supervise the scheme. The PSA supervises offshore activities as well as major petroleum facilities on land.

Who needs an ID card?
All enterprises carrying out work on construction sites, whether Norwegian or foreign, are obliged to provide their employees with ID cards.
Employees in foreign companies operating in the construction industry in Norway must also carry ID cards. If employees are hired through an agency, the agency must ensure that the hired employees have been issued with ID cards.

ID cards must also be carried by those who perform support functions such as cleaning and catering, when these support functions are permanently established at the site. People transporting goods to a construction site must be issued with ID cards if the transport takes place on a regular basis.

How to order
The documents in the links box contain all the details about ID cards and how to order them. For an ID card to be issued, both the enterprise and the employee in question must be registered in the relevant public registers.

ID cards can be ordered electronically as well as manually on a paper form.

Contact in the PSA
Roar Andersen

Kristin Hoffmann, press spokesperson
Telephone: 51 87 62 19