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Information on possible fatigue as a contributing cause of the Visund incident

Following the major gas leak on Visund on 19 January 2006, our letter of 27 January informed the industry that a potentially hazardous situation had been identified in relation to the design of the KO drum for the flare. The investigation of the Visund incident is not yet completed, but there are clear indications that fatigue may have been a contributing cause of the incident.

The industry has been informed of this in new, identical letters issued on 22 February (see the link box).
Our letter emphasises that even though the current investigation of the Visund incident has not yet been completed, the investigation so far has provided clear indications that fatigue of the longitudinal welds between the side plates in the outlet system and the tank shell may be a contributing cause of the deflector plate having become deformed.

We are not aware of any similar incidents in connection with the flare systems for pressure relief from a processing plant, and through the identical letters etc. we want to make sure all relevant information from the Visund investigation is communicated to the rest of the industry as quickly as possible.

We would ask all operators to include this information in their current assessment of outlet systems.

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