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Information to the PSA on changes in prerequisites for AoC

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has noticed lately that information described in the Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) has been changed without notifying the PSA. In identical letters to relevant companies we have emphasised the requirements regarding information to the PSA when AoC prerequisites change.

Such changes may include:

  • Ownership structure.
  • Flagging-out (change of flag state regulations).
  • Major modifications and/or change in application, cf. the requirements relating to consent, Section 5 letter e) of the Information Duty Regulations.
  • Classification society.

The letter has been sent to the following companies which have mobile facilities with AoCs:

Diamond Offshore Netherlands BV, P.O.Box 219, N-4098 Tananger 
Dolphin A/S, Platformv. 5, N-4056 Tananger 
Island Offshore Subsea AS, Lagerv 23, N-4033 Stavanger 
Maersk Drilling Norge AS, P.O.Box 134 Forus, N-4065 Stavanger 
Ocean Rig AS, P.O.Box 409 Forus, N-4067 Stavanger 
Odfjell Drilling AS, P.O.Box 33 Kokstad, N-5863 Bergen 
OSM Offshore AS, P.O.Box 69, N-4661 Kristiansand 
Polycrest AS, P.O.Box 176, N-4098 Tananger 
Prosafe AS, P.O.Box 559 Sentrum, N-4003 Stavanger 
Saipem SpA Norwegian Branch, P.O.Box 184, N-7501 Stjørdal 
Seadrill Management AS, P.O. Box 110 Sentrum, N-4001 Stavanger  
Stena Drilling AS, P.O.Box 113 Kokstad, N-586 Bergen 
Teekay Petrojarl Production AS, P.O.Box 482 Sentrum, N-7405 Trondheim 
Transocean Offshore Ltd, P.O.Box  8200 Postterminalen, N-4069 Stavanger

Link to identical letter of 6 January 2009 to the industry (pdf)