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International Pipeline arrangement in the PSA

On Thursday 26 May, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is hosting the European Pipeline Authority Meeting. This is the 20th time the forum is gathered and the goal is to exchange knowledge between European supervisory authorities responsible for pipeline systems. The subjects range from technical experience to standardisation work, both offshore and onshore.

This year, 18 representatives will participate from Ireland, the Isle of Man, the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Last time the arrangement was held in Norway, was in 1997.

Recent retiree Kjell Nilsson helped start this forum 20 years ago and participates this year as a specially invited guest in parts of the arrangement.

On Friday, the forum will visit Bygnes (Gassco) and Killingøy (PRS).

Contact in the PSA:
Kjell Arild Anfinsen, Principal Engineer
E-mail: Kjell-A.Anfinsen@ptil.no