Gå til hovedinnhold

Keeping it together

The Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion took the initiative in 2007 on a joint project to help prevent people unable to continue working at full pitch being excluded from employment.

A considerable gap exists between theory and practice in the petroleum industry when it comes to preventing such exclusion from the labour market.

Despite a good framework and agreements on promoting a more inclusive workplace (IA), much work remains before the position can be regarded as satisfactory.

The latest collaboration has involved the PSA, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Norwegian Employment and Welfare Service (NAV).

It builds on a recognition that customisation of jobs by employers for personnel who can no longer perform at full capacity could and should be improved.

The same applies to monitoring of company commitment, and the agencies have identified specific areas for joint action on expertise development, audits, guidance and experience transfer.

On the basis of a cooperation agreement with the NAV for Rogaland county (which embraces Stavanger), the PSA has secured expertise and advice on supervisory and information activities.

The goal has been to help ensure that IA work by the petroleum sector becomes a more systematic element in the industry’s HSE efforts.

This collaboration is due to be extended and further developed during 2009.