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Launching theme pamphlet on HSE culture

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is launching a theme pamphlet on HSE culture. The publication, which will be printed in several thousand copies, is intended to be a useful tool for the industry in the work of developing a good HSE culture.

The theme pamphlet was first published in Norwegian only during the conference on HSE culture, which the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate organized in cooperation with RF-Rogaland Research in November last year.

In terms of contents there are few changes compared with the first edition, but an extensive review of the texts and layout has resulted in a message of a higher quality. This is also emphasized by the choice of paper. In addition, the theme pamphlet contains updated figures from the questionnaire survey under the direction of the Risk Trends Project (RNNS).

Unique regulatory requirement
The requirement for good HSE culture is laid down in the regulatory requirements of 1 January 2002 for the Petroleum Activities.

Such a requirement has never before been expressed so specifically, neither in Norwegian nor international regulatory requirements. The goal is to ensure further improvement of HSE, but the regulatory requirement does not provide an unambiguous definition of what the HSE culture concept means.

The theme pamphlet "HSE AND CULTURE" provides perspectives on how to understand the concept and input on how the requirement for good HSE culture can be fulfilled.

The prerequisites for a good HSE culture are

  • that health, safety and environmental work cannot be viewed separately

  • that there is a good balance between the individual's responsibility in the HSE work and the company's responsibility for facilitating good working conditions.

The pamphlet is not an answer book, but is meant to be a tool for the industry in its work on improving the HSE culture.

We emphasize the importance of looking at various HSE measures in connection with each other, keeping a systematic and critical eye on one's own HSE activities, focusing stronger on the "H" and "E" and working continuously to improve the HSE level, not just making one all-out effort.

The publication has been translated into English and can be downloaded from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's web site (pdf).

To order a printed version, contact the library, tel. +47 51 87 60 19

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Ole-Johan Faret,
Information adviser
Tel. +47 970 54064