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Live & learn - The main theme of the Safety Forum's annual conference on 9 June

What lessons have we learned from previous major accidents and near misses? What does the financial crisis entail for safety in the petroleum activities? And how do we handle the crisis when it occurs? "Live & learn" is the overall theme for the Safety Forum’s annual conference on 9 June in Stavanger.


Each year, more than 200 participants gather to discuss relevant issues for the industry relating to safety and the working environment in the broadest sense of the word.

History as teacher
"Learning" in the broadest sense of the word is a central theme when HSE in the oil and gas industry is on the agenda. It is also a central theme in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's (PSA's) annual report magazine “Safety - status and signals”. (Link to article: The HSE year 2008: Experience could have prevented incidents and accidents)

PSA Director General Magne Ognedal will introduce the theme at this year's conference, and he will emphasize the basis for learning through independent investigations and research activity after major accidents and incidents which could have become major accidents.

Learning will also be highlighted in terms of management roles and challenges. Senior Vice President UPN in StatoilHydro, Øystein Michelsen, will present StatoilHydro's experiences in managing the risk of major accidents and the learning processes in the wake of serious incidents. He has called his presentation "What have we learned, and what do we do about it?"

Your money or your life?
The financial crisis also forms the backdrop for most of the issues and challenges which the players are facing.

What are the lessons learned from previous crisis, and what should not be repeated without critical consideration? This is what professor Victor D. Norman of the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) will reflect on in his talk "The financial crisis - a source of learning?"

Steinar Våge, Managing Director of ConocoPhillips Norge will follow up this theme in his presentation "Market Fluctuations - how do they influence us?"

Learning from others?
One characteristic of the Safety Forum’s annual conference is that we always try to learn from other sectors and businesses. This year will be no exception:

OIM during the Snorre blowout
The participants at the conference will also be hearing a true story:

What was it like to manage an organisation in an acute crisis during the Snorre blowout on 28 November 2004? And what were the lessons learned from that experience?

Dag Lygre, former OIM at Snorre will give an inside account of the blowout.

Debate and useful reflection
The last item on the agenda will be dedicated to a presentation by Gundla Kvam, Director General of the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, about the work on a new Storting White Paper.

There will also be a panel where representatives from the Safety Forum reflect on issues covered throughout the day. As always there will be time for questions/dialogue with the audience between the various sessions.

And if you did not get the last word in there, you’ll have another opportunity during the final social event, which we have called Tapas & Chat

Welcome to an exciting and hopefully informative conference!

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