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New framework regulations for the petroleum activity

A revision of the framework regulations governing health, safety and the environment in Norway’s petroleum activity and at certain land facilities was adopted by the Council of State on 12 February 2010.

Due to come into effect on 1 January 2011, the changes are intended to achieve a more integrated regulation of the whole Norwegian petroleum industry. They will apply both offshore and at specified land facilities.

The Ministries of Labour, the Environment and Heath and Care Services have worked jointly on the new regulations, which will be enforced collectively by the regulatory authorities both offshore and on land.

While building on the existing framework HSE regulations, their provisions have been amended to cover both offshore and land-based operations.

The new HSE regulations have been the subject of two public consultations, and are amended both structurally and to a limited extent materially in relation to the existing text.

These structural changes primarily reflect the fact that a distinction needs to be made for a number of requirements between offshore and land-based operations.

The Ministry of Labour has written to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) to request that it develops supplementary regulations in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate and Board of Health, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif).

This relates to the management, information duty, activities and facilities regulations as well as to technical and operational provisions. Work has now been initiated with the aim of putting them in place as soon as possible.

The new framework HSE regulations no 158 of 2010-02-12 were announced on 16 February 2010, and are currently available in Norwegian only.

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