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New publication: Safety - status and signals 2010 - 2011

PSA’s annual report “Safety – status and signals” was released at a press conference on 10 February.

Safety - status & signals 2010 - 2011 (PDF)

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"Safety – Status and Signals" is the PSA’s annual report in a magazine format. Its articles deal with some of the most important petroleum safety issues addressed by the Norwegian authorities in 2010, and look ahead to key challenges identified by the PSA for the industry in 2011.

However, this year’s issue has another dimension:We have opted to highlight some of the success stories – safety areas where the PSA has achieved its goals, in collaboration with the industry.

Five articles on that theme cover the Norwegian regulatory model, diving safety, international collaboration between regulators, a parallel look at the story of mechanical pipe handling and the lifeboat challenge, and the requirement for an acknowledgement of compliance (AoC).

We hope that this publication will be studied in detail by companies and employees alike in the petroleum industry, and that its contents will contribute to learning as well as encouraging debate.

Efforts have also been made to popularise the material in the hope that the general public can also increase their understanding of the issues raised by safety in the petroleum industry.

The Safety – status and signals publication is published both in hard copy and electronic versions.

Facts section
On 27 April 2011 the facts section of our annual report in electronic format will be published.

This presents a more formal summing-up of the previous year, with figures and graphs.

At the same time, we also publish the results of our trends in risk levels in the petroleum activity (RNNP) survey.