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New publication: Safety - status and signals

PSA’s annual report “Safety – status and signals” was released at a press conference on 10 February. Its articles summarise 2008 and look ahead at some of the most important health and safety challenges in 2009.

Safety - status and signals
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PSA publications 

This is the third year that the PSA publishes an annual report in a magazine format. Target readers for Safety – status and signals are society in general and the industry in particular.

Our ambition is expressed in the publication’s title. The articles sum up the year which has passed and shed some light on the most important safety challenges the industry is facing.

Around 20 April every year, we also publish the facts section of our annual report in electronic format. This presents a more formal summing-up of the previous year, with figures and graphs. At the same time, we also publish the results of our trends in risk levels in the petroleum activity (RNNP) survey.

We hope that all three reports will be read, understood, discussed and used. At the beginning of 2009, the need to learn more from our own mistakes and those of others They represent an important signal from the authorities to the industry.

Many of the articles in this publication deal with that issue, either directly or indirectly.

The Safety – status and signals publication is published both in hard copy and electronic versions.