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New regulations submitted for consultation

The revised draft joint HSE regulations for the petroleum activities offshore and at land facilities have now been submitted for public consultation. The objective is to have the updated regulations in place during the course of the year.

 The draft consists of six proposed regulations with guideline texts.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) currently administers two regulatory regimes within its jurisdiction – one for the offshore activities and one for the land facilities.  Ever since the responsibility for the land facilities was transferred to the PSA in 2004, it has been important to establish comprehensive management requirements for the activities offshore and at the land facilities.

The goal is to develop regulations for the activities which take into account any special needs for regulation offshore and on land. 

The draft submitted for consultation in the fall of 2006 proposed joint regulations relating to health, safety and environment, with four supplementary regulations.  The comments received from the bodies entitled to comment led to a need for fundamental clarifications, development of the regulatory model and material changes.  This has necessitated a new round of consultations for the revised draft.

The deadline for comments is 21 November 2008, preferably via electronic submission by email to postboks@ptil.no.

Link to article in Norwegian:  All of the documents regarding this matter (consultation letter, impact assessment and draft new regulations and guidelines) are in Norwegian. 

Contact in the PSA:
Sigve Knudsen
E-mail: Sigve.knudsen@ptil.no