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New report on Human Factors in drilling and well operations

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has, in cooperation with Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV) prepared the report "Human Factors in drilling and well operations - challenges, projects and activities". The report sums up feedback from the industry and includes the PSA's own experiences from investigations and audits of drilling operations.

Link: Report (English version)

"Human Factors" concerns knowledge and methods that can be used to assess and improve the interaction between man, technology and organisation. The goal is to create a work situation that contributes as much as possible towards the realisation of effective and safe operations, and which takes into account a human being's opportunities, needs and limitations.

Large risk potential
Drilling and well operations consist of complex work operations with a large risk potential for personal as well as major accidents. The data for 2004 shows that the number of well incidents in production drilling has been reduced, but that the risk potential in the incidents has increased.

If we are to reduce the risk potential it is not enough to focus on improving the technical solutions. We must also pay attention to human and organisational factors. The challenge is to make the interaction between man, technology and organisations function in the best possible way.

In connection with the focus on Human Factors in drilling and well operations, the PSA will organise a seminar on Wednesday, 7 December, where we want good ideas and projects from the industry to be presented. There will also be a focus on how the PSA understands this concept, and how the supervising authorities work in relation to it. Further information on registration and the programme will be published on the PSA's web pages.

Contact in the PSA:
From the management:
Anne Vatten

Discipline contacts:
Hilde Heber and Arne M. Enoksen