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New revision of NORSOK C-004 Helicopter deck on offshore installations

The new revision is edition 2, from May 2013, and supersedes the first edition which was published in September 2004.

The main changes from the previous edition are:

  • inclusion of operational experience feedback from recent projects
  • updates on flight environment and turbulence
  • updates on LOS segment lines
  • updates on sub-zero conditions
  • updates on lowered walkway
  • updates on helideck drainage and passive fire suppression
  • updates on helideck lighting.

The revision has been done by participation from the industry, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway. The revision has been managed by Sven-Arne Aronsson, Markhus AS and Standards Norway.

Product information
NORSOK C-004 Helicopter deck on offshore installations

Link: http://www.standard.no/no/Sok-og-kjop/produktkatalogen/Produktpresentasjon/?ProductID=641300

Contact person at Standards Norway is project manager Øyvind Bråten, obr@standard.no