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New SINTEF report on well safety in connection with CO2 injection

SINTEF Petroleumforskning's new report on well safety in connection with CO2 injection, commissioned by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), confirms the need to develop sufficient criteria to measure the strength and endurance of cementing as a barrier in CO2 injection wells.

The PSA is of the opinion that the industry must make a determined effort to work on problems associated with well integrity and CO2 injection. Today, there are no standardised methods for cementing CO2 injection wells.

 In the report entitled ”Well safety in connection with CO2 injection”, SINTEF describes a need for enhanced knowledge about the effects of various parameters on degradation of cementing, such as pressure, temperature and different additives.

This work builds on a 2007 report on safeguarding well integrity in connection with CO2 injection. The 2007 report confirmed that the greatest risks associated with CO2 storage are leakage from aging injection wells, wells with limited lifetime, abandoned wells or leakages as a result of inadequate monitoring.

The purpose of the report has been to take a closer look at the application – and quality – of various methods for measuring the strength and endurance of cementing CO2 wells as a barrier element.

You can download the complete report from the link box on the right.

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Arne Mikal Enoksen
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