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New supervision coordinators in the PSA

Hilda Kjeldstad, Semsudin Leto and Odd Rune Skilbrei have been employed as new supervision coordinators in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).

Hilda Kjeldstad has been employed as supervision coordinator for supervisory team T-3 (BP, ConocoPhillips, Talisman, Total, operators with exploration activity only, and other licensees).

Semsudin Leto has been employed as supervision coordinator in team T-E (Contractors and Petoro).

Odd Rune Skilbrei will be filling in as supervision coordinator in team T-2 (Norske Shell (including the land facility at Nyhamna), ExxonMobil, Eni, Marathon, Gaz de France, including Gjøa). The deputy position runs until July 2010.

There are a total of six main groups in the area of supervision, organised so as to handle six groups of players.

Each main group has a contact person who is the point of contact for his/her specific players, and a supervision coordinator who is responsible for the PSA's product (the supervision), who has the formal authority to make decisions and who leads the activity vis-à-vis the players.

The supervision coordinators report to the PSA's directors for supervisory activities, Anne Vatten and Finn Carlsen.