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New Working Environment Act will have an impact on petroleum activities

According to plan, the Working Environment Act will be amended from and including 1 January 2006. This will have an impact on the parties in the petroleum industry.

The Stoltenberg Government presented its amendments to the Working Environment Act in the form of a new Odelsting Proposition on 10 November of this year.

The PSA will provide information on changes that are of significance for the parties in the petroleum industry, and is currently working on mapping the significance this will have for the PSA's own sphere of authority in cooperation with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

On the shelf
The proposed new Working Environment Act upholds the right to issue special rules. This means that the special rules on the shelf, such as in relation to working hours, will remain in force.
More information will be published on our website in early 2006.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Linda Halvorsen