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No order to StatoilHydro

StatoilHydro has applied to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) for an exemption from Section 17 of the Activities Regulations relating to accommodation and Section 59 of the Facilities Regulations relating to living quarters, in connection with the company's plans to accommodate more persons on Visund than the facility is designed for. Therefore, no order will be issued according to the notification that was issued on 4 June.

StatoilHydro commented on the notification within the deadline, 12:00 noon on Thursday, 5 June, indicating that the company would apply for an exemption.

The PSA received the application for exemption later that afternoon, and it will now be considered.

The notification of order read as follows:

Pursuant to the Activities Regulations, Section 17 relating to accommodation, and the Facilities Regulations, Section 59 relating to living quarters, StatoilHydro is ordered to ensure that the accommodation situation on Visund is in compliance with the regulations.