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Notification of censurable conditions at workplace

The new rules in the (Norwegian) Working Environment Act relating to censurable conditions in the activities became effective on 1 January 2008.

The purpose of these provisions is to highlight the employee's right to give notification regarding censurable conditions, to protect employees who make such notifications against potential retribution and to require employers to facilitate such notification.

These provisions also apply to the petroleum activities.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is responsible for providing information and guidance in relation to the new rules in the Working Environment Act (WEA) Sections 2-4 and 2-5.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has a supervisory responsibility in relation to the provision on the employer's obligation to facilitate notification, WEA Section 3-6.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has prepared guidelines for notification of censurable conditions at the workplace. These guidelines (in Norwegian only)  provide advice on how to proceed with such notifications.

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Tone Guldbrandsen, principal engineer
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