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Notification of order following the audit of technical safety on Yme

Audit: During the period 9 - 11 December 2008, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the construction of Yme Mopustor as regards the discipline technical safety. Based on our findings during the audit, we have issued a notification of order to Talisman Energy Norge AS (TENAS).

The audit was carried out at the construction workshop in Abu Dhabi. We focused particularly on the following areas:

• Systems for fire-fighting
• Passive fire protection and fire breaks
• Instrumentation safety systems

Background for the audit
The PSA is to set standards for and follow up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain high standards as regards health, safety and the environment, and thereby also contribute towards creating the greatest possible values for the Norwegian society.

The PSA shall also contribute towards reducing the risk level in the petroleum activities by following up that the players facilitate technical and operational integrity. Technical safety is a key component of the technical barriers, and safeguarding this in a good manner is important to maintain an acceptable risk level.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify that TENAS is building the Yme facility in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the area comprised by the activity.

Result of the audit
Construction of Yme MOPUstor takes place at the Adyard Liva yard in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi UAE. Adyard is the main contractor for SBM.

Passive fire protection and fire breaks were some of the areas that were particularly targeted during the audit. A number of weaknesses were identified as regards the follow-up of passive fire protection. A total of four non-conformities were recorded. This is summarized in a notification of order to the operator regarding the management of this activity.

Within the area of instrumentation safety systems, the installation work had not yet reached a stage where it was possible for the PSA to comment.

We have issued a notification of order to TENAS as follows:

Pursuant to Sections 5 and 58 of the Framework Regulations, as well as Section 3 of the Management Regulations, Talisman Energy Norge AS is instructed to ensure that the project organisation has adequate staffing and competence to manage the activity of including passive fire protection on Yme Mopostur, cf. chapter 5 of the report. The deadline for complying with the order is set at 15 January 2008. We must be notified when the order has been complied with.

We have asked TENAS for any comments on the notification by  8 January 2009.