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Notification of order - rest and restitution

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has concluded that ConocoPhillips (CoP) is not operating in accordance with the regulatory requirements for rest and restitution on installations with a high degree of shared sleeping quarters.

We note that CoP has not presented a binding plan for how and when the requirements for rest and restitution, cf. Section 31 of the Activities Regulations relating to organization of work, shall be safeguarded - as requested in our letter dated 10 July 2003.

According to various replies from CoP to the PSA as well as other plans the company has referred to, the activity level in the Ekofisk area is high and will remain high for many years to come.

CoP writes that there are no particular indications that shared sleeping quarters has led to unacceptable conditions in pure safety terms.

However, the PSA believes it is important that the industry work systematically to prevent and reduce the risk of errors and accidents, in this context also errors and accidents that may be wholly or partially associated with fatigue.

There is documented research proving a connection between lack of sleep, the scope of errors and incidence of accidents.

Lack of sleep and fatigue also have a documented negative impact on health, and research shows a clear connection between age and sleep.

We are aware that CoP has a large percentage of older employees. These employees are an important resource, and we are of the opinion that it is important that conditions be arranged so that this age group is not forced out of this work.

Based on an overall evaluation, the PSA gives notice of the following order:

Pursuant to Section 31 of the Activities Regulations relating to organization of the work and Section 9 of the Management Regulations relating to planning, ConocoPhillips Norge is ordered to prepare a plan for implementing measures which, based on the anticipated activity level on the respective installations (including mobile installations) or complexes, ensures that the requirements for necessary rest and restitution are safeguarded in a prudent manner.

This means that personnel can sleep undisturbed and normally alone. The plan must describe the measures and timing for implementation.

The plan must be submitted to the PSA by 1 October 2004.

Until the measures have been implemented according to the plan, temporary measures must be implemented so as to safeguard necessary rest and restitution, and with proper consideration for the activity level at all times.

If the rest and restitution requirements cannot be fully met by means of the temporary measures, an application for exception must be submitted, cf. Section 59 of the Framework Regulations.

The deadline for implementing temporary measures and submitting a potential application for exception is set at 1 October 2004.

CoP must submit any comments concerning the notification of order by 14 April.

Contact person in the PSA:
Inger Anda