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Notification of order to BP – rest and restitution

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) hereby gives notification of an order to BP Norge for the purpose of resolving circumstances surrounding rest and restitution on Valhall.

The notification is the result of a lengthy dialogue with BP Norge (BP) concerning the extent of shared sleeping quarters on Valhall. The PSA believes that it is important that the industry works systematically to prevent and reduce the risk of errors and accidents, in this context also including errors and accidents that, in whole or in part, may be linked to fatigue. Research shows a clear link between lack of sleep, the scope of mistakes made and the incidence of accidents - as well as documents a negative impact on general health.

Valhall has a high degree of shared sleeping quarters. In spite of this, BP maintains that the field meets the regulatory requirements. However, the PSA cannot see that personnel receive the necessary rest and restitution, and therefore gives notification of the following order:

"With authority in Section 31 of the Activities Regulations relating to organising the work and Section 9 of the Management Regulations relating to planning, BP is ordered to:

1. Establish a plan with firm dates for implementation of the temporary measures to be implemented on Valhall. The deadline for responding concerning this part of the order is 1 September 2004.

2. Establish a plan with firm dates for further measures to improve the rest and restitution conditions. This plan must take into account the anticipated activity level and changes in the planned commissioning date for the new living quarters. The deadline for responding to this part of the order is 1 January 2005.

The measures shall ensure that the requirements for necessary rest and restitution are safeguarded in an appropriate manner until the new living quarters are in place. The plans shall describe the measures and the timing for implementation of such measures.

If the rest and restitution requirements cannot be fully complied with through the temporary measures, the company must apply for exceptions.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway must receive any comments by 16 August 2004.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Inger Anda
Press spokesperson
Tel. +47 970 54 064