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NPD investigates oil leak on Draugen

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) and the Norwegian National Coastal Administration are investigating the oil leak near the Draugen installation in the Norwegian Sea. The leak was discovered on Monday, 19 May.

According to the operator of the field, Norske Shell, the leak amounted to approximately 100 cubic meters of oil.

Late Thursday evening, Norske Shell resumed oil production after the leak was traced to the manifold on the subsea installation on Garn Vest. Shots taken by an underwater camera (ROV) reveal that the leak is located in the connection between the manifold and the production pipeline to the platform.

The location of the leak on Garn Vest has been shut down, depressurized and isolated pending repairs. For this reason, oil is being produced from the platform wells only.

The NPD has set up a dedicated group to follow up the incident on Draugen.

The Draugen installation is situated on the oil field of the same name on Haltenbanken, 145 kilometers west of Kristiansund.

Contact person in the NPD: Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg