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Order in connection with the use of Island Frontier

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has isssued an order to Statoil in connection with the company's leasing of the Island Frontier to carry out a light well intervention campaign in 2006.

Statoil's verifications in the leasing process and up to the start of the activities have not resulted in new applications for exceptions from the regulations after 4 April 2006.

On several occasions, Statoil has confirmed that the facility and the management systems are in accordance with regulations. However, the PSA's audit activities have uncovered faults, some of which are serious, in relation to factors such as the management of on-board facility maintenance and parts of the ship-owner's management system.

Island Frontier (source: IOM)

Island Frontier (source: Island Offshore Management)

On this basis, we have issued the following order to Statoil:

Pursuant to Sections 14 and 15 of the Management Regulations, cf. Section 58 of the Management Regulations, Statoil ASA is ordered to conduct an independent assessment of the internal processes, including the transition from a project organisation to an operating organisation which Statoil has been through in connection with the leasing of the Island Frontier, especially as regards verification, in order to ensure compliance with regulations.

The assessment shall indicate what measures must be implemented in order to ensure compliance with the regulations in connection with leasing and operating similar well intervention facilities.

As regards the Island Frontier, the assessment shall also determine which measures, including verification activities, which must be carried out in order for the facility and its management system to be in accordance with the regulations.

Who shall make the assessment and the mandate for it shall be presented to the PSA before the work starts. The assessment and planned measures must be presented to the PSA no later than 30 June 2006.

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