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Order issued to A/S Norske Shell following investigation of oil spill on Draugen

In connection with loading oil from Draugen to the tanker Navion Scandia on 10 January 2008, the loading hose ruptured, leading to an acute oil spill to the sea amounting to about 6 m3. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has investigated the incident and has issued an order to A/S Norske Shell (Shell) in line with the previously issued notification.

We issued a notification of order to Shell on 3 April 2008 and have now issued the following order in conformance with the notification:

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Management Regulations relating to management of health, environment and safety and Section 5 of the Framework Regulations relating to responsibility according to these regulations, first and second subsections, cf. Section 58 of the Framework Regulations relating to individual decisions, A/S Norske Shell is ordered to identify and implement the necessary improvements in the company's management of loading operations.

Shell must also consider whether there are other relevant factors in addition to those described in the enclosed report which should form the basis for this improvement work.

The deadline for implementing the order is set at 1 July 2008. The PSA must be informed when the company believes it has carried out the order.

An order has also been issued to Teekay Shipping Norway AS  (Teekay) following oil spills (Draugen and Statfjord).