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Order issued to BP after the Gyda accident

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate ordered BP to stop crane and lifting operations on Gyda on 5 November 2002. The order was a result of the NPD's investigation after the fatal accident on the Gyda installation on 1 November.

Link: ">OD investigates fatal accident on the Gyda field

The order was issued orally on the Gyda installation, and entailed that BP had to stop crane and lifting operations on Gyda until it was verified that the relevant personnel who supervised and carried out such work had received the necessary training in BP's procedures for crane and lifting operations.

Lifting operations linked to hazard and accident situations were not affected by the order. BP was also ordered to confirm that similar training has been verified on BP's other installations.

The NPD set a deadline of 11 November for implementation of the latter order.

In its replies to the NPD dated 7 and 11 November, BP assured the NPD that both supervisory and operative personnel involved in crane and lifting operations on Gyda have verified that they possess knowledge and understanding of the procedures.

A similar verification has been carried out for supervisory and operative personnel on Valhall, Ula and rigs hired by BP.

BP has thus provided assurance that the company has sufficient knowledge and expertise to carry out safe crane and lifting operations.

Based on this verification, BP has resumed the crane and lifting operations on Gyda.

The NPD will continue to investigate BP's and Smedvig's land organizations in cooperation with the police.

Contact person in the NPD: Øyvind Lauridsen