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Order issued to StatoilHydro following crude oil spills on the Statfjord field

On 21 December, StatoilHydro was ordered to begin the planning and implementation of an investigation into the hose that was severed during loading operations on the Statfjord field on 12 December last year, causing an estimated 4,000 cubic metres of crude oil to spill into the sea. This constitutes an important element of the efforts to identify the cause(s) of this incident as soon as possible.

An estimated 4000 cubic metres of crude oil was released into the sea during loading from a loading buoy at the Statfjord A facility into the tanker Navion Britannia on 12 December 2007.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is investigating the incident in cooperation with the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority and the Norwegian National Coastal Administration. In addition, StatoilHydro has started its own investigation into the incident.

Examining the hose that broke is considered a vital part of the investigation.

In the opinion of the Petroleum Safety Authority it is important to start up this work as soon as possible, without undue delay. The results of the investigation may yield important information which is relevant to the continued safe operations of other loading systems on the Norwegian shelf.

On 21 December 2007 we therefore issued the following notification of order to the company, followed by the subsequent order:

Pursuant to the Section 19 relating to registration, examination and investigation of any hazard and accident situations, cf. Section 58 relating to administration decisions of the Framework Regulations, StatoilHydro is ordered to commence the planning and implementation of an investigation into the hose that was severed. This is a vital part of identifying the cause(s) for this incident as soon as possible. Also, the investigation that is carried out must be followed up by a competent and independent person.

The deadline to commence planning activities is set to 27 December 2007, with a status report for the implementation of the investigation to be presented to the PSA by 20 January 2008.

The PSA shall be notified when this order has been complied with in its entirety.

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