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Regulatory competence: 10 years and 10 000 graduates

Knowledge of the regulations safeguards the reputation of companies and the petroleum sector as a whole, PSA director general Magne Ognedal observed when the regulatory competence (RVK) programme celebrated its 10th anniversary on 29 September.

More than 10 000 people from the industry have completed courses organised by this collaboration arena during its first decade of operation.

 “Regulatory competence is about understanding the philosophy and principles underlying Norway’s petroleum regulations, and being familiar with their individual provisions,” said Mr Ognedal.

  “Given the risk-based and functional regulations we have in Norway’s petroleum industry, the players must also be well informed about risk in their own business.”

Speaking during the anniversary celebration at the Norwegian School of Marketing in Stavanger, he emphasised the importance not only of knowledge about but also confidence in the regulations.

Stressing in addition the need to respect their implementation and enforcement, he noted that these concerns occupy a key place in the tripartite collaboration in Norway’s petroleum sector.

Involving industry, unions and government, this cooperation finds expression in such bodies as the Regulatory Forum, the Safety Forum and the process related to the commitment to the RVK. 

Mr Ognedal concluded by declaring that the programme has been a success, and important for both government and industry in meeting challenges which face them.

These include the change of generations in the industry, the constant arrival of new players, and the continuous work being carried out to update the regulations.

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