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Reminder: PSA seminar on maintenance management – Thursday, 5 November

What are the consequences of aging and life cycle extensions for maintenance management? How shall safety be safeguarded? On Thursday, 5 November the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway invites you to a seminar on maintenance management. Deadline for registration: 3 November.

Please send your registration electronically to:

Bodil Tvedt
E-mail: bodil.tvedt@ptil.no

Registration must include first name, last name, company, telephone number and e-mail address.

There are several facilities in the Norwegian petroleum industry which are older than design life. Parts of this infrastructure are being considered used beyond the planned design life. Use of existing facilities on the Norwegian Shelf will provide sound financial gains for society at large and the industry, but it is not acceptable that life cycle extensions for aging facilities impact safety. Safety must be ensured through, for example, tailored maintenance.

During the maintenance seminar, knowledge and experience from the field will be presented, as well as how aging and life cycle extensions impact maintenance management in the future.

During the seminar, there will be a presentation of the results from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's project ” Survey of the consequences for maintenance management of aging and life cycle extensions”.

The survey has shown that aging and life cycle extensions have a number of consequences for maintenance management.

Some of the most important issues are:

The PSA has been concerned with the challenges related to aging and life cycle extensions for several years, and has formed a picture of where there is a need to strengthen the efforts.

Life cycle extensions are the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's main priorities for 2009.

The seminar also includes presentations from players both in and outside the petroleum industry.

The seminar is relevant for licensees, operators, shipping companies, contractors, consultants, research institutes and other authorities.

Practical information:

The seminar is free of charge

Questions regarding the seminar may be directed to: