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Report following audit of heading control for Skarv FPSO

On 24 January and 11 March 2008 the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of BP Norge AS (BP). The audit was linked to heading control for Skarv FPSO. The audit did not identify any deviations from the regulatory requirements.

The Skarv field is located in the Norwegian Sea, about 200 km west of Sandnessjøen (map).

BP submitted its Plan for Development, Installation and Operation of Skarv on 29 June 2007. The plan comprises the Skarv discovery, which contains oil and gas, and the Idun discovery, which contains gas.

The Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) applies to development and operation of Skarv deposits. The Plan for Installation and Operation (PIO) applies to the export pipeline for gas between Skarv and Gassled zone B (Åsgard transport system).

The development solution includes a floating production and storage vessel (Skarv FPSO), seabed facilities and export pipelines for gas. Start-up for Skarv is planned for the third quarter of 2011.
Further resources and prospects have been identified in the Skarv/Idun area. These can be tied in to Skarv FPSO at a later date.

Background for the audit
The most common solution on FPSOs has been to place the turret far ahead, which means less dependency on trusters. Skarv will use an FPSO with the turret so far back that it will not be able to maintain an optimal heading without active use of the truster.

 Skarv FPSO (source: BP) 

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to ensure that the company had incorporated sufficient safety into the systems.

Results of the audit
No deviations from the regulatory requirements were identified during the audit. But we have identified five improvement items related to lack of verification of the report on meteorological and oceanographic conditions, accelerations in adverse weather, the number of gyros and specification of personnel qualifications.