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Report from study of NCS players

A survey of the player picture on the Norwegian continental shelf over the next five years was conducted by the PSA in the autumn of 2007 with support from the Sintef research foundation.

The aim of this work was to secure an information base on which to draw when planning the PSA’s operations.
Sintef interviewed senior executives in 13 companies who provided data in an open and positive manner. These interviews became constructive dialogues on both facts and opinions.

One outcome of the study is this report, which presents the results from the interviews as well as from information derived from publicly-available materials.

The survey has provided an overview of changes in the player picture on the NCS, and the report documents that a number of factors and mechanisms affect developments in these waters.

As a result, the present player composition is not stable and changes in the number of participants and their size can be expected over the next five years.

The picture is likely to become increasingly varied, with even greater diversity of goals, company size, resources, expertise and financial strength.

But the interviews do not indicate any need for separate regulations to cover small or foreign companies. Almost all those interviewed said that they found the regulations satisfactory.

Some companies indicated in the interviews that they have special expertise compared with other enterprises, and are focused on challenging fields.

Certain of the smaller companies have a speciality which they are developing, but most of the firms in this category give little or no weight to research and development or standardisation. Big companies give more emphasis to these activities.