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Report on international experience with cathodic protection of subsea pipelines

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted a study at The Welding Institute (TWI) to get a summary of technology status, experiences and challenges associated with old and new solutions for cathodic protection of subsea pipelines.

The report provides an overview of relevant standards for the design of cathodic protection for subsea pipelines, pointing out challenges and variations in key design parameters in the various standards that might affect the robustness of the different cathodic protection solutions.
Until recently, standards and codes for design of cathodic protection have been considered conservative. This conservatism has been reduced in the newest and most recently revised standards, e.g. in the form of lower disintegration values for the polymer coating.
To maintain the same safety level, the coating needs to be of a high quality and it must also, particularly on field joints, be applied in accordance with qualified procedures and routines so that no damage occurs during installation or operation.
Contact in the PSA:
Rolf H Hinderaker, principle engineer
E-mail: Rolf-H.Hinderaker@ptil.no