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Safety Lunch during ONS: Hans Henrik Ramm is worth a listen

The petroleum industry is full of safety paradoxes. Hans Henrik Ramm is coming to ONS to hold a lecture on these paradoxes during the official Safety Lunch on 30 August. The safety prize, the PSA Award, will also be awarded during the lunch, so sign up now!

The ONS Safety Lunch is hosted by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) in cooperation with ONS.

Venue: Stavanger Forum, Grip/Runde, Hall A

Time: 11:45 - 13:45.

Price: NOK 1 375,-

Link to register

According to Hans Henrik Ramm, the petroleum industry is filled with safety-related paradoxes, more and more of which have become apparent in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident.

One example is the learning paradox. After every major accident we see that we actually already knew how to do things the right way. But something still went wrong. Why doesn’t the industry learn?

Another paradox is related to technological development. The industry has proven its ability to perform technological miracles. But why is there not more innovation within the safety and preparedness area?

Ramm will also talk about what he calls the Brussels paradox.

“In the aftermath of major accidents, politicians often feel obligated to ‘do something’,” says Ramm regarding the EU’s proposal for joint safety regulations for the petroleum industry in Europe.

“This is in spite of the fact that the measure will have the opposite effect and instead sabotage the positive processes in the industry,” he says.

Hans Henrik Ramm has been an important contributor of new thinking within the petroleum industry over the course of many years. He is the founder and head of Ramm Energy Partner and is also the man behind the email-based commentary service “Behind the News”, where he shares his viewpoints on important topics pertaining to the industry.

Ramm has previously worked as an advisor for several companies within the industry. He has also been a journalist and editor and has written several books.

He has also held the post of state secretary for Høyre (the Conservative Party) in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Entertainment and PSA Award
In addition to Hans Henrik Ramm’s lecture, the PSA’s director general Magne Ognedal will address relevant issues related to HSE work in Norway and internationally.

The safety lunch will conclude with the award of the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway’s HSE award, “The PSA Award”. This is an award given to a person or organisation that has made a strong and visible contribution to the safety work in the Norwegian petroleum industry.

The prize will be awarded in connection with the HSE lunch during ONS, for the fourth time this year.

Previous award recipients:
2006: Professor Torgeir Moan
2008: OLF's gas leak project
2010: Vidar Bernt Sørensen

In addition to exciting and interesting lectures and the award, participants at the Safety Lunch will be treated to a performance by actress and singer Mareike Wang.

Download program (PDF)

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Erna Skorge,
Email: erna.skorge@ptil.no