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Safety - status and signals 2011 - 2012

PSA’s annual report “Safety – status and signals” was released on 14 February 2012.

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"Safety – Status and Signals" is an annual report from the PSA, designed and written as a magazine in the hope that its contents will prove as readable and interesting as possible.

Through features, reportage and illustrations, we have covered some of the most important issues and events dealt with by the PSA during 2011. And we have not least signalled the challenges which it regards as central for the Norwegian petroleum industry in 2012.

Many people are likely to find it fruitful to study the material assembled in this publication. We have once again chosen to focus attention on areas where the PSA has succeeded together with the industry in a historical perspective, and have highlighted three success stories.

One deals with the Norwegian collaboration model for relations between employers, employees and government.

The second covers the right of women to equal working conditions offshore.

And the third explains how safety regulators in north-western Europe have created a collaboration forum which is now attracting wide attention, and which could offer lessons for other petroleum provinces around the world.

We hope that this publication will both inform and generate debate and involvement – not only among those involved in the business, but also among everyone concerned with safety in Norway’s largest and most important industry.

Facts section
On 25 April 2012 the facts section of our annual report in electronic format will be published.

This presents a more formal summing-up of the previous year, with figures and graphs.

At the same time, we also publish the results of our trends in risk levels in the petroleum activity (RNNP) survey.