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Satisfied with ExxonMobil's follow-up after notification of order

At the end of 2004, we conducted an audit of ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS' (ExxonMobil's) management of lifting operations and technical aspects associated with lifting appliances and lifting gear on Balder/Ringhorne. Based on poor functionality of the cranes on Balder, we have issued a notification of order to ExxonMobil.

Link: Report after audit of ExxonMobil

The notification reads as follows:

"ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS is ordered to implement an analysis of the offshore cranes on the Balder production facility. The analysis must include reliability, technical condition and general suitability in the short and long term, ref. the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's report following the audit, Section 5.2.1."

"The results of the analysis must be measured against requirements in regulations and standards for design and use of offshore cranes, as well as against internal company requirements for useful properties for safe handling of cargo."

"The analysis results must be submitted to the PSA by 1 September 2005. Identified restrictions on use or compensatory measures must be implemented as soon as possible and no later than by 1 September 2005. If the analysis uncovers a need for long-term measures, plans must be drawn up for this and submitted to the PSA by 1 September 2005."

"The company must report back to us when the identified restrictions on use or compensatory measures are implemented ".

Based on plans for upgrading the offshore cranes on Balder, which were presented in the meeting on 15 November 2005 between ExxonMobil and the PSA, we regard the order as being fulfilled, and the audit is thus concluded from our perspective.

The order was closed on 4 January 2006.

Normally we follow up a "notification of order" with an "order" in a separate letter. Subsequently, it now appears that a separate order letter related to implementation of analyses of the cranes on Balder, was not submitted as described in our internal procedures.

Link: Explanation of the terms "notification of order" and "order"

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